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BOLDSAGA Ch 4 Paperback Signed

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Enter the Extraordinary with BOLDSAGA: Brave Onwards Limit Destroyer! Welcome to the best Afrofuturism Manga Series; rewritting the narrative for your young kings and queens. This is BOLDSAGA Ch 4 Paperback Signed.

As the forces of evil converge on the tired teen, all hope seems lost. Masego is outnumbered, outsmarted and exhausted. He needs backup asap! Will he survive? Find out in BOLDSAGA Ch 4: REINFORCEMENTS.

No longer do your kids have to settle for wack excellence, mediocre black representation in media, comics and manga.

With BOLDSAGA they get:

  • over 40 pages of Black Excellence
  • Afrofuturism Manga that Celebrates African Culture
  • A story that inspires and uplifts them
  • Adinkra, African Mythology
  • African Languages, African Martial arts
  • Industry standard High Quality Art
  • Coloring Pages
  • Manga self help, PMA book
  • Educational Pages about African Kingdoms, African Culture and more

This is just the beginning! Give the gift of Black Excellence! Get your copy of BOLDSAGA Ch 4 Paperback Signed today! 

With hundreds of copies sold, 4 physical and digital chapters published, a successful kickstarter and even Black Sand Entertainment saying BOLDSAGA is "pretty damn good!", now is the perfect time to grab your piece of history. 

Imagine investing into Pokémon back in 1996, Apple when it just got started in 1976, or Adobe back in 1982? That's what makes this BOLDSAGA collector's item so special!

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