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Enter The Extraordinary

Welcome to BOLDSAGA! Afrofuturism Manga empowering kings and queens to seize greatness! As seen on: ABS TV, Voice of The People, The Denise Newsome Show

& much more!

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BOLDSAGA Ch 1-4 Paperback Bundle Signed

BOLDSAGA Brave Onwards Limit Destroyer Ch 1 - The Destiny Gate Audiobook


Exit the Ordinary! No longer settling for wack excellence and mediocre black manga characters. It's time to celebrate the Majesty of African Culture! This is crux of what BOLDSAGA!

Let's rewrite the narrative together!


Enter the Extraodinary Manga for the culture πŸ‘ŠπŸΎβ­πŸ’–πŸ–€πŸ’š

Watch the official trailer for BOLDSAGA: BRAVE ONWARDS LIMIT DESTROYER!


Isn't it time you saw your young kings and queens as heroes? We agree. That's why we didn't make a tweet or post, but created the change we desperately needed! An Afrofuturism Manga, a story that gives hope by empowering readers to seize greatness! This is Authentic Black Excellence for the Culture! This is BOLDSAGA!


Exit the Ordinary and Enter the Extraordinary with Afrofuturism Manga BOLDSAGA! Ch 1: Destiny Gate available now!


Face Your Fears! This is what Masego is forced to do to protect what matters most. Will he prevail? Find out in BOLDSAGA Ch 2!

An Elite group of creators, that's what I'm looking for! Me personally, I thought BOLDSAGA was pretty damn good! -

β€” Manuel Godoy, CEO of BlackSands Ent. #1 Indie Black Publisher in the US

Black Sands Entertainment's Review of BOLDSAGA

An Elite group of creators, that's what I'm looking for! Me personally, I thought BOLDSAGA was pretty damn good!

β€” Manuel Godoy, CEO of BlackSands Ent. #1 Indie Black Publisher in the US

Just finished reading BoldSaga. It was such a relief to see beautiful African characters painted in such a wonderful light 😍 ❀ I absolutely love the drawings and the story is an easy and awesome readπŸ‘ŒπŸΏ so I recommend it for all ages. I'm actually going to pass this on to my nephew as my sister is leaving to go back home today! Here's how you order. Trust me it's worth it!

β€” @_sauxthernbelle_

What people are saying


ο»ΏBOLDSAGA has it all!

BOLDSAGA has everything from humor to suspense with a great ending. I'm very happy I got this. I really enjoyed reading it!

β€” Rochelle Q.


ο»ΏWould highly recommend!

This is an interesting story with great art. The story is funny, adventurous and heartwarming. I love the characters features too😍. I can't wait for chapter two! Would highly recommend!

β€” Tamara H.


ο»ΏA great read!

This is a great book! Genuine, and full of excitement. This leads you a journey that you wouldn't forget periodt.

β€” Keron Nicholson


I’m 40yrs old and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I purchased this book for my 8yr old son because I want him to read books that have characters he can relate to. I have to say I ended up reading the entire book for myself before I even had the opportunity to give it to my son and I admit that I’m 40yrs old and thoroughly enjoyed it! I think kids of all ages as well as adults would enjoy this book, well done Euwarnii Hughes!!!

β€” ARIES C.

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Great Gale's is a business dedicated to redefining the culture. With over 8+ years experience in graphic/web design, motivation, Afrofuturism manga + more this business creates change! Utilizing creative prowess, unique imagination & heart Great Gale impacts and empowers business, brands, young kings and queens!

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